Why Orphanages Should Have Cold and Hot Showers For Children

March 6, 2019


In the real world, orphanages are always neglected places and sometimes end up not serving the children’s needs better. Without necessarily straining the finance kitty, this could be improved by investing in children’s health and hygiene. Showerheads like in a hotel hygiene are a very important part of children’s health. These two things are always co-related: the better the hygiene, the healthier the children. Every orphanage out there should consider installing hot and cold showers for its children.

Some experts consider hydrotherapy as the best therapy we can offer our bodies. It is the cheapest and always readily available with just one initial investment. Depending on the temperature of water, it can help promote vital bodily functions. Below is an overview of just some of the health benefits the hot and cold showers would offer the children.

Hot shower
It enhances skin rejuvenation: Hot water opens the skin pores and easily removes dead cells from our skin. This softens it and opens it up for skin cleansing and boosting its rejuvenation process. It clears sinuses: Given children’s susceptibility to allergies, they often experience blocked nasal passages whenever a cold knocks in hot steam moisturizes the nasal path decongesting it and relieving the stressful symptom.

It relaxes the muscles: Children are always hyperactive. They always end up overworking their muscles after a long day of activities and play. They later return home tired, with sore muscles and sometimes pain. This menace can, however, be solved by taking a hot shower which aids the blood circulation putting their muscles back to shape.

Cold shower
Boosts immune system: Taking a cold shower presents a fresh challenge to the body metabolic system. It lowers body temperature, triggering the homeostasis process to raise body temperature by increasing the metabolic rate. As a result, the body produces more white blood cells, which aids in fighting infections and keeping the body healthy. The children need a strong immune system.

Moreover, taking a cold shower just before bed encourages sound sleep. This could be the result of an initial shock subjected by the cold water. Good sleep is always related to an improved immune system and healthy growth in children.

Boosts energy: Given the surprising effect of cold water to the skin, it triggers the body into a shock mode leaving the body to gasp for oxygen. The heart tends to beat faster and the body increases the oxygen intake. This makes the body more energetic and active. Relieves symptoms of depression: Children living in orphanages regularly experience depression. On the other hand, cold showers have been shown to relieve depression by sending overwhelming impulses through the skin nerve endings. These signals, resulting in anti-depressing effect in the brain, will help the child deal with depression symptoms.

Enhances lymphatic movement: Cold water causes contraction of the entire body. Along with it, the lymphatic system contracts enhancing the movement of its fluid within the system. The function of the lymphatic system is the removal of wastes from the body cells. As a result, we can say a cold shower can promote healthy cells and good body health for them in general.

Given the vast benefits of both hot and cold showers, access and combination of both is undoubtedly a magical blend. It is, therefore, a nice challenge that orphanage managers must adopt and have one for their facilities. A healthy child is always a happy child!

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