Why Donors Trust Us

Give Direct Charity offers cash transfers directly to the beneficiaries of our programs. We believe that this is an effective way of ensuring that help actually gets to the intended recipients. Moreover, our beneficiaries can use the money they receive on what they deem as the most pressing need. We receive donations and funding from our donors and other charities or well-wishers to help the needy in the society.

We’re continuously receiving funds to support our charity programs.

Donors trust us for the following reasons:

We focus on a charity program with a strong track record and a low burden of proof, ensuring that our beneficiaries receive significant help.

We adopt a strong process that ensures that our direct cash transfers are consistent and well-targeted to reach the intended recipients.

We’ve documented success in ensuring that a high percentage of the funds we raise reach intended beneficiaries directly.

Our transparency stands
out in the not-for profit sector.

We always have room for more funding to help even more beneficiaries. We believe that we have the capacity and proven record to use additional funds we receive productively

Limited evidence exists to explain the long-term effect of direct cash transfers to beneficiaries, be it one-time, large or ongoing long-term transfers. However, we offer evidence on the general impact our direct cash transfers have on our beneficiaries and local economies.

We’ve also looked into existing evidence on the impact spillovers have on non-recipients of direct cash transfers. Our general equilibrium study has produced positive results on the same, but we’re yet to review them in details.

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