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Give Direct Charity gives cash directly to beneficiaries. For example, households in developing countries who’re beneficiaries of our programs receive cash transfers through payment services linked to their mobile wallets.

We target people in extremely low-income households, with some earning less than a dollar daily. We also direct our donations to help people who have been affected by humanitarian crises such as natural disasters.

At Give Direct Charity, we believe that unconditional cash transfers to needy families and individuals across the world is one way to ensure that the funds our donors give actually reach the beneficiaries and help them.

Even so, we acknowledge that this approach to giving charity faces a strangely low burden of proof. However, existing evidence shows that it’s a great way to help people in a big way.

We have a record of ensuring that cash effectively reaches low-income households who’re part of our program beneficiaries.

And, various random controlled trials (RCTs) have studied our approach to charity and the work we do, showing that beneficiaries get the actual help they need.

We’ve delivered over 80% of all the funds we receive through donations directly to the beneficiaries of our charity. This figure traverses the different types of programs we run and depends on multiple assumptions and estimates about the costs to exclude and include.

There’s never enough funding to meet the varied needs of our beneficiaries. This means that there’s always room for more funding. We could significantly increase the amount of cash transfers we do per household, with more funding.

What’s more, we can include more countries into the list of countries already in the list of our charity’s beneficiary list.

We forecast that Give Direct Charity could spend hundreds of millions of dollars more over the next three years to help our beneficiaries worldwide. This figure is way less than the amount of funds or donations we expect to receive over the same period.

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