5 Tips in Choosing the Best Table Tennis Equipment for Charity Organization

July 7, 2020


Humanitarian organizations play a significant role in improving the standards of living for vulnerable communities.

Donations and grants supplement government initiatives to make the target audience comfortable.

 As a donor, when you choose to donate an item, then go for the best.

When making this purchase, have in mind you are not the end-user. How you will care for the equipment is different from the receiver.

Credits to ITTF Foundation

 In any case, most of the donations go to institutions, which mean it’s meant for public use. With this in mind, you understand why durability and enhanced features are a top priority when making purchases. Ask yourself the following questions before you pick the ping pong equipment.

  • What is the age group of the users?
  • How durable are they?
  • Who is going to handle the tools?
  • What is the intended purpose?
  • Will it serve the target audience?

 As you strive to improve emotional health through capacity building for such people, it’s essential to also look at their physical health in equal measure.

The simple way to do this is to ensure you engage them in active sport. Now, the challenge comes when they lack sporting equipment.

Whether the target market has played table tennis or not, it’s the best time to even introduce a new game to them. Let’s look at table tennis equipment for donation.

Why table tennis?

  • Enhances brain sharpness
  • Ideal for weight loss
  • Requires 2-4 players to make a team
  • Requires a small space
  • Supports brain and body coordination
  • It’s a social game

What to consider when choosing the best table tennis equipment for charity purposes

Table tennis equipment includes the tennis table; racket others refer to it as the paddle, tennis ball, and the net.

These four items are the primary tools you need to have a complete set of table tennis equipment.

Once you choose the sport, donate standard items with set measurements according to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Let’s look at the factors to consider in detail per item.

1.The paddle

Racquet, racket, bat, and paddle all refer to the same thing. It is the kit you hold as you wait to hit or receive the ball.

It has a blade, which is the central part. It is made of wood with carbon fiber, while the sides are made of rubber.

The handle, on the other hand, is either short or long, depending on your desire. Here are a few tips for choosing the right paddles ideal for charity organizations

  • Check on balanced width, length, and height ideal for good volume to enhance stability
  • Must have a good grip
  • Look for an all-round blade
  • Ensure the handle fits the standard hand size

2. The net

The net is the barrier that exists between table tennis players. It’s strategically placed to determine a win or a loss depending on whichever side the ball lands.

The net length is slightly above the table tennis width. The allowance is to cater for the ties and knots. What to check when purchasing a net for this noble course

  • Must be transparent
  • The holes shouldn’t be too big that a ball can pass and also not too small
  • Choose a net made from durable material
  • Must have a uniform height to prevent sagging
  • Must be 6 inches tall

3. The table

The table is the leading equipment in this sport. It’s the place where all sporting action takes place.

The referees look at where the ball lands on the table to determine either a win or a loss. If there is a tool you can’t afford to ignore, then it’s the tennis table.

At this point, go for quality brands that incorporate international standards when it comes to manufacturer and assemblage of tennis tables. What to consider in the purchase of this tool

  • The thickness must be at least half an inch and utmost one inch
  • Get a table with either an aluminum or a wooden top to support ball bouncing
  • Look for a weatherproof table top for outdoor use- ideal for charity organizations
  •  get portable tennis equipment for smooth movement from one place to the other
  • Get colored tabletops to entice the receivers

4. Tennis balls

What do you tend to achieve after the donations? Is it just for fun or helping them realize their dreams of being professional table tennis players or for championship level?

 If yes to the latter, then you must consider the following to get the best quality in the market to allow them to realize their said dream. What are they?

  • Extra durability
  • All in one- high altitude/extra duty/regular duty
  • Must be light in weight- 2.7 grams and 1.57-inch diameter
  • Get 3-star balls- recommended for national and international matches

It’s evident when choosing table tennis equipment for charity. You can’t afford to compromise on quality.

The quality dictates the integrity of the donor. Imagine receiving sub-standard equipment in the name of a donor.

Definitely, you have so many unanswered questions on what is in the mind of the purchaser. Indeed, if you mind the users’ welfare, then get the best sporting equipment in the market despite the cost.

That simple donation could be the beginning of someone’s sporting career. Never underrate it.

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