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Give Direct Charity raises funds through donations to transfer directly to households with extremely low-incomes, or persons affected by humanitarian crises, worldwide.

About Us

Give Direct Charity is a non-profit organization with worldwide coverage. We raise funds to help the most needy members of the society, including households with extremely low-income. People under a humanitarian crisis as a result of a natural disaster also benefit from our charity.

Founded over two decades ago, we’ve helped thousands of families worldwide to meet their basic human needs. We offer direct cash transfers to the beneficiaries of our charity programs.

At Give Direct Charity, we believe that beneficiaries benefit greatly from direct cash transfers because they have control over how to spend their money. This means that the money gets to cater for their most pressing needs.

We offer charity to various families or households across the globe. And, we receive as little as $1 to over $1000 in donations to support our cause. We believe that every dollar counts in changing the life of a family or a household that may just need a meal a day to survive.

Our Story

Give Direct Charity began to ensure that every needy recipient listed for support actually receives the help they need. We were concerned about the multiple middle-men in the industry and increasing cases of cash embezzlements.

The people who handled the cash that was meant to help charity beneficiaries were the same ones misusing the funds. Cash destined for beneficiaries either reached the recipients in part or none at all.

Our founders were inspired to start a charity with the needs of our beneficiaries at heart. And, sending cash directly to beneficiaries was found to be the best way around the myriad of problems that emerged in the industry.

 Our charity receives donations to help fund our programs and causes.

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